Monday, March 10, 2008

Once Upon a Liar

You say it’s not serious
You are a little mysterious

You blame me for this
For I created a mess

For I caught you in the lie
Where you had no alibi

You say it’s harmless
You use if for defense

What about attention?
And all the fake affection?

I can’t close my eyes
Act like I didn’t realize

That you are taking me for a fool
And thinking it isn’t cruel

For confusing me a lot
Between what’s real and what’s not

And I am torn between
What I know and what I’ve seen

Resent such a terrible liar?
Let you burn in your fire?

Or drink from your cup?
Petty you for being f**ked up?

I wonder what anyone would do
If they had known a friend/liar like you

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, March 10, 2008

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Gaza Bay

Its slumbering in darkness
So they say..
You need to wait
Till the light shows a ray..
But my son is out
He went to pray..
I hear the bombs,
It’s time for slay
I need to warn him.
I will reach him before they..
Calm down,
Drink some water,
Wait, here you stay
She threw the tray..
She pushed them away
Ran outside
Touching through her way
Son, where are you..
Come this way
Let’s go home..
And forget this day
You can’t die now
Do you remember yesterday?
We were crying
Before your father’s portray
They killed him my son
He is the Martyr of Gaza bay.
Again a bomb, I feel so numb,
But it's okay,
Nothing will stop me
Not ever, not today..
There you are,
With the kids you play
Let me hug you
Apologize for the delay
How come you are so young?
So peaceful no affray
Mom don’t worry
You don’t have to be sorry
We have died this day
We are in no-betray
We are in heaven,
This is our pay

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, March 2, 2008

حبي لك

حبي لكَ
بحرٌ عميقٌ
تعصِفُ به الريح فيظلُّ صامداً
ويغلفه الليلُ فيعكس ضياءَ القمرْ.
وشمسٌ مشرقةٌ
يحجبها السحابُ فلا تظلم في وجه بشرْ..
وفلاةٌ واسعةٌ فأينما اتجهت لا مفرْ
حبُ امرأةٍ مجنونةٍ
خُيِل لها أن تتحدى القدرْ..

*Copyrights reserved, Someday in 1999

Saturday, March 1, 2008


لستُ حبـّة ملحٍ
في بحرٍ أودعتموها
لستُ حبـّةَ رملٍ
في مهبِّ ريحٍ ألقيتموها
لستُ غراباً اسوداً
تطـّيراتكم عليّ قد علقتموها

لن تغطوا لي عيوني
لن أفيق من جنوني
لن أتوب من فتوني

فحبـُّه قد ملأ شغافي
ان رأيتموه اثماً
فانظروا قولَ الصِحافِ
سأصرخ باسمه حباً
وأكتبُ عنه غيرَ كافٍ

لستُ طفلةً
أنا أرملةٌ
من الحُبِ قد يتمتموها

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, 23 March, 1998