Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frog Prince

Deep in my dreams,
I saw you close by my side.
And the words you said to me,
made me reel down deep inside.

My hand in your hand,
yearning for your hugs.
Dreaming about fairy tales,
where princes start as frogs.

What is this wonder,
that love can make me feel?
Am I deep now in slumber,
or is my prince a real?

Now, now my dream,
you're not just a name.
By saying words I wish to hear,
a real prince you've became.

This smile on my face,
will carry the love I've known.
Like a fairy tale come true,
the joy this love has shown.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, April 22 2005


ما عرفتني
كنتُ قد وجدتُكَ وسلّمت
وكنتُ أحبُك وتبحثُ عن الحُبّ
كنا متباعدين..مُحِبةٌ ومُجرِب

قلتَ إن لم تكونِي فلن أكون
وكنتَ أنت ولم أكن أنا
فكنتَ حباً وقلباً ولم أكنْ إلا تجربةً

لقد انتهيتُ من التجَاربِ ومن الفشل
فلن أعود ولن أكون
وإني مخلصةٌ لنفسي ليس لكَ

ما عرفتني
فقد أحببتني قليلاً
واختبرتني وقتاً
وما وثقت فيَّ أبداً

كُنتَ أكبرَ بنفسِكَ من نفسِك
ليس الكبَر نقيض الخضوع
إنه الكبَرُ الذي أثقل كاهِلك
فلم تعد بسيط المشاعر

الآن تعلـّمتُ منك
فلن أثق بك..لن أكونَ لـَك

لقد انتهيت
لا لم أنتهِ ولكن وصلت
لا لم أصل ولكنني تعبت
ولم أتعب بقدر ما أحببت

إن كنتُ قد أعطيتُ كُلاّ..فهذا حالي
وإن كنتُ سأخلصُ زمناً فهذا مآلي
فقد أخلصتُ من قبل
وإن عدتَ في هذا الزمان ووجدتني على حالي

إن عدتَ فكنتَ..وأردت
فلن تجدَ حباً مقطوعا.. ولا ليناً أو خضوعاً
ستجدُ قلباً يـُحبك لأنه عجزَ إلا أن يُحب
فما عرفتني وما عرفته.. وما أردت

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, June 12 2005

Left Zeros

Come on!
Precuss those keys.

Say things that can never be
Write it down,
Pretend that love is what you see.

As if a frog can mutate to a prince
And togather,
Will live happily ever since.

As if magic can ever happen
Just a spill,
And the mirage is such heaven.

What were u thinkin,
Silly dreams,
a cozy house n a lovely husband?

Ugly frogs remain the same.
Smelly, sticky,
Even with a crown n a noble name.

Hypocrites are this worlds heros.
in such a world,
A one needs no left zeros.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, July 02 2005


This is not a poem,
This time its all about me,
The story about half a face.

Half filled, half empty,
Half smart, half crazy,
Half n hell, half n grace.

About a life looks so glimmering,
A heart never settled,
And a mind roaming in space.

What is life when u keep loosing names,
When your heart never beats,
When you'r running outside the race.

Waiting for a prince never existed,
Loosing good people,
Preventing them from taking his place.

Distrained inside my brain,
Reliving my childhood's pain,
Not letting memories to erase.

But dont get me wrong,
Am happy to be me,
Some one no body can trace.

a female who can sew the words,
Bake the feelings and still,
Have wizardary in her case.

A woman with beautiful thoughts,
Sensational talents,
And a distant dream to chace.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, September 13 2007

عشقت قمر

عشقت قمر
قضيت أيامي شجون وسهر
فاكر لما كنا سوا تحت المطر
يومها قلت لي
أنا قلبي خلي
من كل حب رخص أو غلي
إلا حبِك
إلا قلبِك
وفاكِر لما عيونك في الأول باسِتني
أصدي شافتني
ماهو عيونَك بتلخبط وتحيـّر
وأنا قلت لَك قلبي عمره ما يتغيـّر
أنا ليك
انت علمتني إزاي أحب
وبإيدك شاورتلي على مكان القلب
قلت لي هنا حطيني
ايوه جواك خليني
وانا مكدبتش خبَر
لإنك قمَر
وفاكر لما وقفنا عند النيل
قلت لي وأنا معاكِ كل شئ جميل
سامعه النيل بيغني غنانا؟
سامعاه بيقول إيه على هوانا؟
وفاكِر لما مشينا وكانت الشمس بتغرب؟
قلتلَك اتأخرت قلت دي بتهرب
قلبك بكي وأنا بمشي
من يومها مبتنامشي
قلت لي غبتِ ليه بقالك زمان؟
معاكِ أنا حاسس بأمان
ياحبيبي وأنا كمان
ودي آخر مره أغيب
دانت أول وآخر حبيب
وبوعدك هنفضل سوا
أنا وانت وبينا هوا
ومهما كنت عني بعيد
عارفه انك جاي أكيد
زي ما قلت لك
وحلفت لك
أنا أصلي بعشق قمر

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, October 27 2005

No Longer

I looked in the mirror..

I saw a girl with a heart over the head..

Who is she? I said..

Couldn't be me, the heart is not mine..

I have killed my heart a million time..

And I kept wondering..

What's that mask I am wearing..

The mask of weak girls..

With a soft heart and long nails..

And a guy who butts in the way she is dressed..

And for blind obedience he stressed..

A guy who would lie..

Says for her he would die..

And once she slips..

He closes his lips..

No more love poems..

No more passionate words..


But I know that story..

Over haste..

I have no time to waste..

Promiss you am not her..

Am no longer that girl !!

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, November 21, 2005

For All That You Go Through

Here I sit, thinking of you,
Wondering what is to become of us.
Understanding all you have been through,
Hoping to slowly gain your trust.

My heart aches for you,
And also I yearn.
I want to understand you,
In hopes that I will learn.

My love to you goes beyond the words,
At first it didn't seem so real.
But that just taught me a lesson,
In doubting what I feel.

It seems; I dreamed you into life,
And the reason for my stare.
The bluest sky, the deepest sea,
Don't even compare.

Coz when the world is not so perfect,
There's nowhere else I want to be.
Except laying underneath the stars,
Hand in hand, you and me.

I love you in every single way.
And thoughts of you run through my head,
Every hour of every day.
For all this I hope you understand,
I can't live without you.
And I will be your guiding hand,
For all that you go through.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, November 27, 2005

She Casted a Spell

She threw her hair,
Behind her shoulders
That the moon reflected on her face

“Now I will get you” she cried,
As the fire deflagrated
And lightened the place


Stabbed the doll, stuck a hundred pins,
Roaring, rumbling sounds all over,
As if all demons came out from hell

Then she did a voodooist dance
Around the flames
And started casting a spell


Blinded by anger, filled with pain,
She wanted revenge,
Like there was no tomorrow.

She wanted to curse him,
Deprive him forever from love
Find comfort in his sorrow


“May his heart never beat for
the cause of love” she cried,
And by this he shall not be loved again

What a cruel thing one may think
For her it’s what he deserved
For breaking her heart and causing such pain


Only he wasn’t cursed
He wasn’t miserable
In fact, by that spell he was blessed

Because no body
Would love such a looser anyway
And love was something that he never missed

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, May 10 2006

5 Types of Guys you should never date

The Drama Queens:
This guy will always have a black story that he will always tell to get people’s sympathy , will always exaggerate things and talk about his emotions and feelings and how deeply his heart was broken when you forget to buy the things he asked you to from the supermarket. They tend to be sad and depressed and talk about how crappy their life is all the time. They are not any good in making anyone feel better fight a lot over the stupidest things they tend to be over suspicious and always expect the worst to happen. They usually come off really needy and emotional at first but they seem very self-centered when the relationship goes further. He could also try making you jealous all the time (creating the drama).
Why not to date this type: because the tendency they have to always have a drama going on will put you both in an endless series of fights and every time you try to please him to have some peace another storm will come and the more you try to please them the more dramatic they will get.
How to get rid of him: you can try a couple of things like when he starts a fight, say that you should really sleep, be boring, and no matter what don’t give him the “drama”.

The Possessive guy:
This kind is very sweet and romantic at the beginning he would stay all night with you on the phone, he will call you 15 times a day and will tell you the sweetest things at the beginning and then when you are totally in love with him he will try isolating you from every one, to the level where you are totally dependent on him. When you start to really trust him he would try breaking your self esteem and making you think that you are the worst human being ever and that no one will ever fall in love with you or give you the things he did, this type tends to be verbally and physically abusive whenever possible to break your well and there for your courage to even think of being with someone else. They are insanely jealous you will probably think it’s sweet at the beginning and that he does that because he really loves you but no it’s not like that over jealousy is not sweet and it shows deep insecurities and in a relationship like this you will probably end up emotionally and/or physically destroyed.
Why not to date this type: like I said this guy has a lot of issues and he probably thinks you are too good for him even if it’s not true, and the more he breaks you down the worse he becomes.
How to get rid of him: just cut him off and stop calling him or taking his calls trust me you never want to be with this guy and no matter what you do don’t ever tell him where you are he might stalk you and stab you or something for breaking up with him!.

Mamma’s Boy:
He is probably raised by his mom, or the only male in the family, maybe he only has sisters and no brothers at all. Probably his dad bit the crap out of him when he was young. This type tends to talk and think like women, they are men in all physical possible ways but they love gossiping and shopping they‘d also wave their hand a lot while talking and when they are not using it then it’s probably on their chest, they care a lot about what mama thinks and wouldn’t dare to do anything against her well, they are probably 30 years or older and haven’t been in a serious relationship yet. They may let mama pick up their clothes, and maybe when they are visiting some friends she would ask the hostess to show her son the toilette because he needs to “poop” (it happened!). She would speak for him all the time and keeps reminding him of the things he wants for himself (which are actually the things she wants for him) and like I said before he will never say no to his mamma.
Why not to be with such a guy: because his mamma will butt in your life forever.
How to get rid of him: tell him you hate his mamma because she is an obsessive compulsive controlling freak!

The Superficial:
This guy will always have two women in his life, one to communicate with and one to make love with; he will probably marry the second one and complain about her to the first one who could also be his best friend. The one he loves is probably really pretty but too stupid or is so different than him in a way that they have communication problems all the time, the other one he clicks with and gets really comfortable around but he isn’t really hot for. Usually these guys were really picked at when they were younger or had a lousy life as a teenager or just need a very strong stimulus to be hot (yah it’s what u think). If you are the “Friend” then you are probably asking yourself why he isn’t in love with me. and wonder if there is anything you miss. If you’re the “Lover” then you are probably fighting a lot with him and think that he is crazy or double faced and you will probably love him a lot and fight with him a lot or will not love him at all and come to realize that he doesn’t really love you and then you should break up with him. Other than beauty a superficial guy would marry someone for their money, or anything they have.
Why not to be with such a guy: he is the kind of guy who draws a picture and try fitting his woman in no matter if she is the one, if she fits then he is willing to live in misery just to complete the picture. If you happened to meet this guy and really like him and bond with him but he never says "I love you" then you should probably stop wanting him to want you coz he never will and you are wasting your time. Guys like him will suffer for the rest of their lives because of their bad choices.
How to get rid of him: get a total make over that you become totally his type then dump him and say that you are too good for him.

The Uptight:
This is the kind of guy who ‘d pay his bills as soon as they arrive, when you ask him why isn’t he being romantic anymore he would tell u stuff like “we have more important things to deal with now” and whenever you try something new or come up with a creative idea would make fun of you and say things about how silly this could be, not only that but his jokes (if he ever makes any) are all about criticizing people and making fun of their mistakes. He could be fat and rounded in a way that he couldn’t even see his own toes if he looks down. But would still complain about your hair’s color, your makeup and even say that you are fat. He prefers eating the food he knows and wouldn’t try anything else for the world. He prefers going to the places he has already been to and he always thinks he is right!
Why not to be with such a guy: okay I know it’s safer to be with a guy who knows where he is going and what’s he doing tomorrow but it’s a very boring relationship and sooner or later you will find it harder to be at his expectations all the time, he is the kind of perfectionist who sometimes could be a total freak and all bossy and controlling and obsessive about details.
How to get rid of him: be clumsy and careless and tell him a story once then tell it again with different details that’ll drive him crazy.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, July 4 2007