Thursday, October 30, 2008

Candy Bar

I used to have my own dreams
Which no one really cared about
I used to cry all night in screams
While no one had a doubt

They don’t know and how would they
They thought am all about looks
They thought all I cared about is play
They think I read no books

They flirted with my eyes
They said the best of words
They talked about my size
About my taste in cloths

And that is why am unsatisfied
I want them to really read
To listen, to let me be justified
For my soul to nourish and feed

Hear out my thoughts and see my reactions
Know my heart and my soul
Stop the flirting and the sensual actions
Are you even listening to me at all?

I want to be who I am
Without the stereotyping
I want someone to really give a damn
And think that I am exciting

Before I lose my dreams
Become a soulless candy bar
A doll of what it seems
An engine without a car

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, August 10, 2008