Thursday, October 30, 2008

Candy Bar

I used to have my own dreams
Which no one really cared about
I used to cry all night in screams
While no one had a doubt

They don’t know and how would they
They thought am all about looks
They thought all I cared about is play
They think I read no books

They flirted with my eyes
They said the best of words
They talked about my size
About my taste in cloths

And that is why am unsatisfied
I want them to really read
To listen, to let me be justified
For my soul to nourish and feed

Hear out my thoughts and see my reactions
Know my heart and my soul
Stop the flirting and the sensual actions
Are you even listening to me at all?

I want to be who I am
Without the stereotyping
I want someone to really give a damn
And think that I am exciting

Before I lose my dreams
Become a soulless candy bar
A doll of what it seems
An engine without a car

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, August 10, 2008


Khaled,Ithan,Italian,the LOner,DoDi said...

keep your dreams, and dnt care f no one cared, they are urs they matter to you and no one will understand or feel them the way u do."she's not jst a pretty face" I know u know this song. this is simply the usual dilemma of a pretty chick wz a mind and a soul inside.

I want to be who I am
Without the stereotyping

this summs it all. but dont worry, f i know one thing about u, then it's that u dnt lose ur dreams.
it's a good piece btw (Y) keep it up

Sarah Arram said...

aww thanks ya Khaled, your poetrical openions matter to me the most, thanks man am glad you liked it.. :-)

Vas said...

Would you care would you be there
For the soul behind the face
Would you love me for what I am

Sarah, don't know what to say, maybe coz I'm not as beautiful as you are, so people get to know me expecting something inside, :D , you know what, it's about smile, how can take a smile and give nothing in return, but there are several types of smiles, the most capturing is the "CHARMING SMILE" like the one you "Class A" gals have (and now I'm very racist and stupid lol), you should try regular mail, words sometimes can reach where eye can't put pictures (maybe because strings doesn't take much memory space as pictures lol ). I don't have any idea what to do in this kinda situation, I'm making fun of it coz I make fun of everything else, not trying to see the brighter side of the moon nor the darker, just the funnier side of the moon that I care about, I know u might not understand what I'm trying to say but anyway it's just a orderless nonsense.

Regards my friend, keep charming people smiling, and don't worry everything beautiful dies with time, your beauty will fade and will put an end to ur suffering, lool , in other words, enjoy whatever u have before it goes away not utilized.


Anonymous said...

great thoughts and ideas ya zozo!

Sarah Arram said...

Thank you guys, am glad you liked it :)

Vas said...

tayeb eih el comment beta3ek 3ala elly ana katbo ?

Sarah Arram said...

I just wanted to know who you are to be able to talk to you directly, I know I sound like legally blond in this one, but am not blond and nor I am struggling to proof myself “that much”, the thing is that I hate objectifying and stereotyping and I wrote this not because I suffer as a women who is being objectified all the time I mean I am but that’s only until people get to know me, looks are a good thing they kind of introduce us but when all people can remember when you walk out of that room is how you looked that hurts, it just sometimes bother me but I don’t think the problem is in me or in the way I communicate with people I think it’s more about people and how superficial sometimes a one can be. I do enjoy my youth and beauty and know how blessed I am. Sarcasm used to be my way to go I used to be the funniest kid at school, I thought for a while that this is because I had low self esteem and that a very shy little girl hides behind that funny face, but I over came my shyness “I guess” by time and I grew self confidence, am still funny though that hadn’t changed much :).