Wednesday, December 10, 2008


قالوا غلب الدمعُ الأسى
قالوا أن من بكيَ نسى

قالوا أن داميَ القلبِ أعماهُ
وأن فاقد الشئ ما أعطاهُ

و ما حاجتك به وانتِ
إن بقيت وحدك سطعت وبنتِ

قالوا إن جاء لوذي بالفرار
كي لا تفقدي حق الاختيار

فإنه منساق من عشق محبوبه
لمخادع أعمى عيوبه

فقلت كيف والعشق سرمديّ
آسرٌ عميقٌ وأبديّ

مارد تتضاءل أمامه الأحزان
جنون يمس بني الإنسان

ماهمه ما الماضي قتل
ولا كم من العمر وصل

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, December 10, 2008


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Sarah... it is really very meaningful..


Sarah Arram said...

Hey, thanks ya Ayman am glad you like it, I always appritiate what you think and wait to hear what you got to say :)

Osama said...

Nice post Sarah, it really touches something :)
go ahead

´¯`°¤.¸.¤..SemseM.('.') ©´¯`°¤.¸.¤

Khaled,Ithan,Italian,the LOner,DoDi said...

ok, for me, it seems like there is more to it than it says, there was more to come out but for some reason u jst cut it here somehow. it could be (for me only mostly) less toutchy than some others I've read for u b4.but it's the most professional like poem I've read for u so far too.just one thing, I know the repetition in the last two hemistichs is deliberate, but it kins of makes it heavy on ears, I'd rather use a synonymous.
Keep GOin Girl (y)

Sarah Arram said...

Yes I agree with you there is more to it, I did cut it short I admit, there were alot of things that I wanted to say and I didnt, as for the last part no I like it this way the similarity will keep you reading till you get to the last part.. anyway I think it wasnt ready for publishing yet, this is the first poem I ever wrote and published the same second I wrote it in.. I am working on saying all I wanted to say just hold on and wait till you read the whole version :)

Khaled,Ithan,Italian,the LOner,DoDi said...

Hun, there is nothing to agree or disagree on here :P it was very obvious(atleast for me) that there was more to it, and that u didnt say all u felt at the u can't disagree on me stating a fact :P. I didnt know u revised your work, Actually I didnt think anyone did hehe, I never do, what you read is directly what came out of my mind the moment I wrote it. well to be 100% honest I might choose another word for the same meaning or re order some lines. but that's as big a change as it gets.still waiting for the full version. and Ah, welcome to 1/4 dozen ;) get ready we have BIG dreams.