Thursday, February 28, 2008

Left Zeros

Come on!
Precuss those keys.

Say things that can never be
Write it down,
Pretend that love is what you see.

As if a frog can mutate to a prince
And togather,
Will live happily ever since.

As if magic can ever happen
Just a spill,
And the mirage is such heaven.

What were u thinkin,
Silly dreams,
a cozy house n a lovely husband?

Ugly frogs remain the same.
Smelly, sticky,
Even with a crown n a noble name.

Hypocrites are this worlds heros.
in such a world,
A one needs no left zeros.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, July 02 2005


Anonymous said...

ايه يا بنتى ده ؟!! دانتى جامدة اخلا حاجة بجد وبعدين دانتى كمان احساسك حلو قوى

الله عليكى يا سارة

Sarah Arram said...

Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it :)

Kristyna said...

Even better than last one *__*
I feel it like I wrote it myself.

I guess, I guess...
no frog can be a prince, just look like one.

But its nice as long as the wrong vision last, like dreams after all.

Sarah Arram said...

Yes I totally agree with you..

Darin said...

ppl who lie cheat and deceive-hypocrites!

Sarah Arram said...

Yeah! they are left zeros, they dont add anything to any One
you know when there is a 1 and zero on the left its like 01 the one is still a one it doesnt need no zeros on the left!