Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frog Prince

Deep in my dreams,
I saw you close by my side.
And the words you said to me,
made me reel down deep inside.

My hand in your hand,
yearning for your hugs.
Dreaming about fairy tales,
where princes start as frogs.

What is this wonder,
that love can make me feel?
Am I deep now in slumber,
or is my prince a real?

Now, now my dream,
you're not just a name.
By saying words I wish to hear,
a real prince you've became.

This smile on my face,
will carry the love I've known.
Like a fairy tale come true,
the joy this love has shown.

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, April 22 2005


Kristyna said...

I always wondered if was the frogs which become princes... or the princes which become frogs.

by the way i use to deal better with frogs than with princes. I wonder where my prince is...

Lovely ^^
Looking forward to meet you again :-D but this time we have to take some pics, ok?

Kisses :)

Sarah Arram said...

Yes I agree, princes always turn into frogs, read my left zeros, it came right after this one.. and sure next time we meet we will be taking loads of pics ;)

Ahmed Amin said...