Thursday, February 28, 2008

She Casted a Spell

She threw her hair,
Behind her shoulders
That the moon reflected on her face

“Now I will get you” she cried,
As the fire deflagrated
And lightened the place


Stabbed the doll, stuck a hundred pins,
Roaring, rumbling sounds all over,
As if all demons came out from hell

Then she did a voodooist dance
Around the flames
And started casting a spell


Blinded by anger, filled with pain,
She wanted revenge,
Like there was no tomorrow.

She wanted to curse him,
Deprive him forever from love
Find comfort in his sorrow


“May his heart never beat for
the cause of love” she cried,
And by this he shall not be loved again

What a cruel thing one may think
For her it’s what he deserved
For breaking her heart and causing such pain


Only he wasn’t cursed
He wasn’t miserable
In fact, by that spell he was blessed

Because no body
Would love such a looser anyway
And love was something that he never missed

*Copyrights reserved for Sarah Arram, May 10 2006

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